Megújult tartalmak a weboldalon:


Every now and again we try to make our site look fresh and understandable, clearable. Hopefully we managed to create some changes that make your ordering easier and that answer all your questions. Useful advices are provided by the menus „Good advices for moving” and „Pet delivery” in which we tried to answer all the usually emerging questions.




LDD: Long Deadline Delivery:

hhszA totally new kind of shipping service for you. It is for items accumulated at times or on occasion of movings, which are so important for you that you really don’t want to present or donate them , but you don’t need to bring them quickly at all. That’s why we come up with the idea of a much cheaper option with a long-term delivery which you can choose if you would like to send your parcel having a minimum weight of 100 kilograms. We guarantee sending it in 35 days after the date of the collection.



Discounts for regular customers:


As many customers have experienced, after 5 orders we present discounts for our recurring customers, because we would like to thank our kind clients for choosing us usually.




With an extended capacity:


We are happy to announce our customers that we are at your service from the 1st of March with a doubled capacity.




Reaching out to England and Scotland:


Thanks to our new working system we can get to more customers on a bigger expanse. From the 1st of January, 2015 we deliver in Scotland from door to door as far as the line of Glasgow-Edinburgh without an additional charge! Although there are some parts of the island, where you must pay additional charge, we strive to ensure rural people the best prices.




FAPF – „Adopting” discount:


We have delivered many pets in the last few years. That’s how we came in contactact with Füzesabonyi Állatvédő Alapítvány, and we delivered a lot of cats and dogs to their new home. 🙂 Still we would like to help orphaned animals getting them asylums, so delivering pets adopted from this foundation is a lot cheaper. You can find more infos about it:




New direction:


Hola! – Here we come, Spain! 🙂 Once on a summer holiday vacation we made a decision, when the Spanish host asked us:

– So, what have you brought us?

– Oh, should we have brought you something? We come and go a lot, but we’ve come here to have a rest… You say Túrórudi and pálinka? Well, let me see…

Details and more information in the menu of „Spanish-Hungarian”.