This is the most responsible and cutest part of our job. Pets are the ones whom we cannot make amends for. They are irreplaceable. The moment you see your beloved pet again confirms our determination and makes us realise that it’s worth doing our job. When the dog and his owner meet again, the dog suddenly understands his owner didn’t want to get rid of him. 😀

We are proud of the fact that we have travelled in the company of more than 500 pets without any serious problems appearing. Everyone of them has got home healthy.

Summing up the round of the duties, here are the veterinary tasks to be done in order to deliver cats/dogs/ferrets between the EU states:

  •  pet passport
  • microchip
  • minimum 21 days old vaccination against rabies (done it after the chip)
  • tapeworm treatment directly before the trip (only in case of dogs, and only in case of the entry in to the UK or Ireland)  The treatment, called Advocate is not accepted anymore at the UK board, so we can’t accept as well. Recommended products: Drontal, Milbemax, Cestal.

Important! The minimum age of the rabies vaccination in Hungary is 12 weeks. The vaccinations before this age are not valid, and the dog should be re-vaccinated.

Please send for us by e-mail the copy of the passport 1-2 weeks before the transport. We can check it, and we will let you know, if something is not filled correctly.

Other not protected animals can be freely delivered within the EU without passport (such as: hamster, urchin, parrot, etc.)

Other things we ask from you on the journey:

– enough food (not perishable) – REQUIRED!

– bowls for food and water – REQUIRED!

– harness, leash and collar (only for dogs) – REQUIRED!

– the usual litter for the cat – REQUIRED!

– bed, blanket, or something homely they usually sleep on and makes them feel more relax, for example any garment of the owner – NOT REQUIRED!

– snacks, toys, anything they can chew – NOT REQUIRED!

Something about the journey

Shortening the pet’s period on the journey we always take them at the latest possible time and deliver as soon as possible.

Our car driver checks them at every pauses (after 4-5 hours) and takes them for a walk.

We deliver maximum 5 pets in one time (cat, dog, ferret).

We won’t take dogs for a walk without a leash, we never do it. Smart pets who know how to behave may be scared and frightened and may be unpredictable in a new, unknown medium or situation, so we don’t take the risk.

Sedatives and calmatives work sometimes, we use them if you want, but we don’t like this kind of solutions. The owners usually worry too much, more than the pets themselves. As we see it, after the effect of the sedative passes, the pets get more confused and barely understand what really happens around them. There are various pets of course, but we suggest you should think it over before you encumber your pet’s organism.

Please, let us know if your pet has ANY KIND OF health problems, or if your pet is allergic to ANYTHING, mention it in your order so we can ponder over the risks! We MUST KNOW whether we face serious diseases or not.

Please, let us know any relevant or important information about your pet (for example if your dog is afraid of bigger dogs or drinks only flowing water, etc.).

If your pet requires special treatment, temperature, moisture (e.g. fish, turtle, triton, etc.) we do what we can, but we do not take responsibility for them.

You should take the weather into consideration, because we do not deliver short-nosed dogs (Bulldog, Pug, etc.) when the temperature is higher than 25 Celsius, and we do not deliver African Four-Toed Hedgehogs under 15 Celsius!

We can provide cat and dog cages for free, and we do not count extra charges for these „packages” and objects like food, etc. If you have no kennel, let us know it when placing your order, please!

DON’T FEED THEM TO DEATH before the journey, because it may cause puking and stress around the start.

Picking up the animal, we always spend some time fraternizing with the pet in the company of the keeper. If the pet looks untreatable, we won’t take the risk of the delivery.

The next sentences should be read only by animal lovers! As we see it, it’s worth telling your pet and talk over what is going to happen to him or her. They will understand it. 😀

We like taking photos of the delivered animals, and soon make the pictures available on our website. If you do NOT want your beloved pet to appear on our site, please, let us know your request!

There are some dog breeds (or other breeds that carry the characteristics of them), which cannot be taken to England (keeping them is forbidden):

– Pit Bull Terrier

– Japanese Tosa

– Dogo Argentino

– Fila Brasileiro