We moved to Ireland at 17. September, 2009 and founded the company of our own approximately one year later. After years of courier experience in Hungary in July, 2010 we made our test trip with a car, as even the Internet could not obtain all the information we needed and as we all know the “proof of the pudding is in the eating.” On the way back we brought our cat as a “guinea pig” to see how things work with transporting pets. The trip was declared successful by us (we can’t say the same about the cat 🙂 ) so in September we launched our first official car back to Hungary.

We collect and deliver in regular weekly shifts in Ireland and Hungary ever-since. During our operation we faced a lot of new challenges which is making our job varied and interesting, creating dynamism and keeping our business in the move. We do our best to combine the benefits of small and large companies, so we strive not only to develop a good and personal relationship with our customers but to be flexible, precise and reliable in work too. Over the years the number of our customers increased in a surprisingly high level. More and more people have become regulars and suggested us to others for which we are very grateful.

Partners and References
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